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Cabinets / Doors


Paint Estimator provides a section for figuring estimates for Cabinets and Doors:

When figuring estimates for cabinets and doors you do not want to accidentally over look some thing that will acquire you extra charges. When using Paint Estimator you will not have to worry about this. Easy to use, you simply choose from the listed materials and watch your estimate get figured on the fly. View the screen shots below.


The Cabinets/Doors section: Allows the estimator to choose the type of Cabinet/Door, the amount/how many of these doors there are in the room, the type of material that the Cabinet/Door is made of, the type of wood the Cabinet/Door is made of and Cabinet/Door Make-Over / how (involved) you intend to restore/paint this decor feature.

The Cabinets/Doors form comes included in Paint Estimator Pro or it can be purchased separately as a plug-in form. You must have purchased and installed Paint Estimator lite, in order to install and use the Cabinets/Doors Plug-in Form. View the screen shot below.





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