You must download and install PDF printer on your computer in order to send the forms in Paint Estimator as email attachments.


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You must download and install PDF printer on your computer in order to send the forms in Paint Estimator as email attachments.


     PDF Printer


Forms Custom Made for your Company

Paint Estimator allows you to customize the the Contract / Proposal, Invoice, change order, questionnaire, interior & exterior proposals, detailed project specs, and Letter forms specifically for your company. Which includes adding all your company's information such as: Company Name, Address, Phone Numbers, Company Logo and Slogan, Legal Clauses and Hourly Rates etc.


Required Steps to Custom make these forms for your Company.

The Contract / Proposal, Invoice, change order, questionnaire, interior & exterior proposals, detailed project

specs, and Letter forms are all customizable specifically for your company. Any text that is in a box / surrounded by borders is changeable, simply delete the existing text and add your own.

Each form says the following: 

You can edit all text in borders/boxes, when printed borders vanish, click print to view, you can delete this.


Inserting your custom made logo

You will need to delete the existing logo first by clicking the button Del, to insert your company's custom made logo click the Browse button it will allow you to search your hard drive for your custom made logo and it will place it in the same location as the logo you just deleted.  

Note: you will need to know where your custom made logo is located on your hard drive (It's path), so you can easily browse to it.


The logo size must not exceed the size of the existing logo = 133x93 (133 width  93 height) you should not exceed the 93 height, this will force the form to be printed on two separate pages, the width can exceed the 133, by a little bit. Be sure when having your logo made to tell the logo maker of this size limit (133x93). You will want to have it in a .jpg format.


Note: The logo must be made in a .jpg format.


Inserting your digital signature file

There is a signature browse and delete button located on all the forms , it allows you to insert your digital signature file, it will get inserted into the same location as the existing Jon Doe signature file.


Note: The logo will automatically get inserted into the all of other forms. The signature file will have a delete and browse button on each from, this allows you to print or send the forms with or with out your signature. 


Printing, Emailing and Faxing  the Contract / Proposal Forms

The Contract / Proposal, Invoice, change order, questionnaire, interior & exterior proposals, detailed project

specs, and Letter forms can be printed, faxed or emailed directly out of Paint Estimator. 

- Click the Print button located in each of the forms header

- Click File on the top menu

- Click Print

- Next to Name click the down arrow and choose correct printer: 

  To print select the correct printer: (that prints to a printer)

  To Email select PDF printer

  To fax select the Fax


Note: You must have installed a PDF printer in order for the PDF option (PDF allows you to email the form) to show up in the list.


You can download a PDF printer from our website for free its located on our contract/proposal page at please refer to instructions located on the page.


Templates - Copy and Paste

The Contract / Proposal form has a box called Performed Services, it describes to your clients what services will be performed. Paint Estimator has also included a form called Templates. The Templates form provides templates that you can fill out describing each type of Paint and the services that will be performed to apply it. Since many of the services performed are the same for each paint job, there is no need to type them in manually every time. Simply type into the template form the services that will be performed for each type of paint job, and then copy and paste them into the Contract/Proposal form over and over again as needed. (It is a real time saver). You may also use the templates form to copy and paste common used phrases for all the forms in the contract/proposal form.


Mailing the Forms

To Mail your custom made forms just print it out, fold it in thirds with the client information showing in the front, slip it into an envelope that has a window in the front so the client information is showing, preferably an envelope with your logo and company name, place a stamp on it and put in the mail. It's that easy!!!


Emailing the Contract/Proposal Forms as an attachment

The Contract / Proposal, Invoice, change order, questionnaire, interior & exterior proposals, detailed project

specs, and Letter forms can be sent as an email attachment directly out of Paint Estimator, by clicking on: File - Printer or Ctrl-P, both ways will bring up a list of available printers, simply select the printer named PDF and click OK. To send the form as an Email, you must 1st install a PDF printer


Instructions on how to Download and Install a pdf printer (It is so easy!!), 1st you must download the pdf printer, view the download Instructions below / 2nd you must install the pdf printer - after you download it, you simply double click it, that's it!!

NOTE: You must have a pdf printer installed on you computer. To install pdf printer

You must download and install  pdf printer on your computer in order to send the forms in Paint Estimator as an email attachment


Right Click Download Button and click - Save Link As -

PDF Printer

Select a place to save it to, so you can find it and install it.


To install the pdf printer simply double click the file BullzipPDFPrinter_1_0_0_1082.exe file you downloaded click OK to all the prompts, that's it, the pdf printer is now installed.

Now that you have installed the pdf printer, you are ready to start sending the forms in Paint Estimator as Email attachments, it's so easy!! Open up Paint Estimator - Navigate to the form you want to send as an email attachment, Click the Print button on the forms header, Click Printer choose the Bullzip PDF Printer, select a place to save it to by clicking on the 3 little dots . . . this will open up to allow you to browse to a place on your hard drive to save your form to, we recommend you writing this path down, so you will be able to find your form (you may also want to rename your form prior to saving it, simply delete the existing file name and add your own new file name.

Note: Format box directly above the file name, this allows you to send the form in any format you choose, this is a super cool feature you can choose .jpg and form will be formatted as .jpg and the attached file will automatically get opened at the recipients end with out having to have a .pdf application installed.


OK you have now sent your file out of Paint Estimator and to the hard drive in what ever format you told it to (.pdf, .jpg etc.). Now you will need to find the file on your hard drive, once you find the file you can simply Right click it and choose Send to and select mail recipient this will automatically open up your email editor (outlook, outlook express etc) and automatically attach the file to the email. You will need to fill out the email so it gets mailed to the correct person don't forget to fill in the body and subject, click send that's it. You can also simply open up your email and select attach file and it will allow you to search for the file.


You can also fax the form using this exact same method, you will select fax, send to and select fax recipient.


You can use this as a guide to help you to customize each form in Paint Estimator!!

All the text that is in a box/surrounded by borders can be edited, for instance the text


(555) 555-5555 Fax: (555) 555-5555

      2412 Roll Cir. Paint City, CA

                        Lic. 28240z

is surrounded by borders and can be edited, simply delete the existing text and enter your own text.


Notice the client info. is not inside a box/surrounded by borders, so it can not be changed.

Every form in Paint Estimator uses this same format, so you can easily see what text areas you can customize specifically for your company.


Note: The logo can be deleted and your companies custom made logo can be inserted, simply by clicking the Del button located under Logo on the forms header and then clicking the Browse button to located and insert your new logo. Follow these same steps for inserting you personal digital signature file. Located next to Authorized Signature:


<-- Notice how this text is is surrounded by borders, this means you can edit/change this text.

Once the text is changed you do not need to click save it will automatically get saved.

Note: All the borders will disappear when you print the forms, to view what it will look like when it is printed click the print button located in the forms header. To print the form you will need to click File - Print from the top menu and then select your printer.


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